Friday, August 09, 2013

Series of sketches from the past...

pen on paper + coloured & textured in photoshop
Seven the great!
in the bus, upper deck
bus scene...
uncle in the bus
an old dtp artist, juat eng :)
a young DTP artist, Xiao Lei :)
after work, while waiting for bus 80
digital art, wacom and photoshop, dolly the writer
a couple in the mrt. pentel brush on paper + photoshop
Shena  Na the best writer in the whole world... :)
digital art (cs illustrator pen brush + photoshop color and textures) 
saw this sleeping uncle downstairs HDB on my way home past 11pm
pen on paper + photoshop
uncle in the mrt

ghia the best... and the neighbor photocopy machines :)

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